iPhone 8s Specifications (Full Specs) – Everthing You Must Know About!

iPhone 8s Specifications: In the year 2007, Apple inc. launched a smartphone called “iPhone” which was their first generation mobile phone with 2g network availability. Approx 10 years have passed and we have seen much innovations in mobile technology. Now 2g is history and been replaced by latest 4g LTE and technology is going further up to the next level.

iPhone 8 is scheduled to launch in early 2018. As per rumors, apple may launch three iPhone variants which could include an iPhone pro variant as well. iPhone 8 will be unique in any way but moreover, as it is coming after completion of 10yrs it would be special in any way.

iPhone 8s Specifications – Full Specs


This time, apple is going to present an innovative smartphone model with having slick design and powerful specs. Apple is preparing new operating system OS X for iPhone 8 which will be beneficial in reducing its power consumption and hence increasing its battery life. Apple iphone8 is going to have some really innovative technology like fast charging , retina scanner, li-fi and fingerprint scanner. Rumors are also there that the device will have a dual edge display like that of galaxy s7 edge. Now, we will head towards the specs and features of the most awaited iPhone series device in detail.


There will be a switch from the conventional IPS display technology ,next iPhone is going to have OLED display which enhances the brightness and gives the user a wider viewing angle. Due to the high response time of this OLED display the next iPhone will be power consumption optimized. As the need of next level Smartphones is high-end resolution iPhone will also not ignore this fact and is going to have a 4k resolution. The phone is going to have sapphire glass protection which is far better than current gorilla glass 4. You will not have to worry about the scratches about iPhone as the sapphire is the toughest glass and is completely unbreakable. iPhone 8 will have a large display which is the talk of the town nowadays, apple iPhone 8 is rumored to have 5.3 inches large OLED display and iPhone 8s variants will be having an approx 5.6-inch display.


We all know Apple doesn’t believe in increasing megapixels. As we have seen iPhone 6 with just 12 MP cameras and  is far better in quality as compared to 20 MP cameras of its competitors. This time, the company is going to take its camera features further to next level. Apple iPhone 8 would have a 16MP primary camera with upgraded ISOCELL sensors for better images even in low lights. As per the rumors, it will have a 8 MP front facing camera which is specially made for taking selfies. There are also few rumors which are stating as Sony IMXXX sensors to be the part of iPhone 8.


As per the latest leaks and rumors apple, iPhone 8 will have TSMC and  ARM-based 7nm chip. We all know Apple brings a new processor every year with its flagship smartphone. Apple iPhone 7 will run on A10 which is Quad Core processor. iPhone 8 is going to the much advanced processor with 7 nanometer FinFET. It will have 4GB RAM which is far enough to handle high-end multitasking with OS X.


Well , if these specs and features don’t satisfy you, then probably you have to see below to know why iPhone stands out of the race. The apple iphone8 must have features are as below:

  • 5G Technology
  • Fast charging
  • Retina eye scanner
  • Fingerprint  scanner
  • Holographic display
  • 64,128 & 256 GB storage categories

These are few rumored features of iPhone 8 and we know that apple is capable of accomplishing these type of features.

To buy this high-end specifications device you will pay a hefty amount of approx 1100-1200 USD which will fall in the 70k-85k category in India.

iPhone 8 is rumored to be launched in early 2018 or maybe late 2017.

There is a lot of new features and specification provided in the iphone8 which will surely attract more buyer towards itself but before buying it do check your budget coz this device come with a heavy price tag.

Until then keep your fingers crossed and wait for the new sensation in the field of Smartphone.

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