iPhone 8s Plus Expects Features, Price – Everything you need to know!

First let us know about the iPhone series, the iPhone essentially stands for “Interactive Phone.” Generally, the iPhone series is developed and designed by Apple Inc. just after the released of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7, the consumer or the customers come to know about a big surprise that the developer made a record of sales that has ever made before. Now the world is looking and waiting for the next gen iPhone and that is iPhone 8s plus and in the mean time, there is news announced that iPhone 8s plus recently will be launched within the years of 2017 with more fantastic and great features and the best outlooks style as compared to iPhone 6, 7 series.

iPhone 8s Plus Expects Features, Price:


IPhone has become the most favorite Smartphone in the world and all the users around the globe love iPhone series the designed with great stability, stylish looks and its powerful managements which make the People of the world attractive. iPhone series was first released on 2007 with great manufacturing device, and next iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Plus has created the history on the open market and the whole Smartphone market. Now the people of the globe are keenly waiting for the iPhone 8s plus. So, today I will share you about the iPhone 8s plus expects Features with Specifications and features.

 iPhone 8s plus expects features:

As I have mentioned earlier that iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the world, for its great feature the design and the stylish looks. The iPhone 8s plus expected feature are unique comparing to another smartphone in the world. So expects feature of IPhone 8s plus are given below:

1. Display:

The display size of the iPhone 8s Plus is expected to be a flexible OLED display. Looking back to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we saw the different on display.  Therefore iPhone 8s plus is expected to come6.5 inches display. An OLED display also has great advantages for the users. Let’s take a quick look on this advantage.

  • The OLED display provides the flexibility curved designed which makes the phones most popular phone in the world.
  • OLED display gave superior viewing angles and improved a good performance on battery life.
  • Backlighting is not required
  • OLED display converts the thickness of the device down.

2. Memory:

iPhone 8s plus will have the internal storage into 3 variants the basic iPhone will be 64 GB, which will upgrade to 128 GB and main expected storage will be a 256GB variant.

3. Camera

The iPhone 8s plus cameras are expected with 15 MP rear cameras with optical stabilization and the front cameras with 6 Mp. It will also expected  to include with Autofocus, High Resolution, and the iPhone 8s plus is supposed to have the dual lens with Optical Image zoom juts like the iPhone 7 plus.


4. RAM

The iPhone 8s plus normally expected to be 8GB RAM, because it needs to be more powerful than another smartphone. As we know even the iPhone 6 and 7 are having the RAM of 3 GB, therefore iPhone 8s plus is expected to provide 8GB RAM.

5. Battery

As we have seen some of the expectation of the iPhone 8s plus features, it is sure that the battery will have 2800mah. It should always be better than other Android-powered smartphones.

6. Waterproof

There are extremes expects features of waterproof on iPhone 8s plus where the display of the screen will be water resistance. The expected water proof depth of iPhone 8s plus is 1.5 meters duration of 30 minutes.

7. Wireless of charging

The world very reaches in technology that Apple is fully working with the technology system. Now, the iPhone 8s plus will introduce the wireless charging which is the best feature in the history of the smartphone.


8. Colors

The colors of iPhone 8s plus are expected to be released with different attractive colors like Silver, Golden, Grey and Rose Gold.

9. Operating System

iPhone 8s plus is expected to be with iOS 11, A10 processor which will also be upgradeable to iOS 11.3.2.

10. Sensors

The sensors system of iPhone 8s plus is expected to have unique features which will include barometer, SPO2, dustproof, thermometer, compass, heart rate, shockproof, etc.


 iPhone 8s plus price:

As we have mentioned already the price of iPhone 6 Plus, the price classified according to the feature of the device, therefore, hopefully, it is expected that the price of iPhone 8s plus will be little higher. The expected price of iPhone 8s plus is around 1199$ to 1599$.

So, all the above I have mentioned about the iPhone 8s plus and also its prices. But as we have discussed that it is the just expectation, I hope you can adjust the procedure of the article mentioned hence if you have any doubt or queries please do leave a comments or you can share with us.

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