iPhone 8 Release Date, Features – Everything you need to know!

iPhone 8 Release Date: It is a very good news for every iPhone users because Apple is soon launching iPhone 7 in the market in the month of September 7, 2016. You will be able to buy iPhone 7 from the market in this year itself and by Christmas, you will be able to gift the iPhone 7 to you close family mate. But the another news is that Apple is soon going to release its new flagship phone that is iPhone 8 in the next year that is 2017. There are many rumors already about this phone on the web, and there are many expectations about this phone by every Apple lovers and according to me, Apple is not going to make its users unhappy with not fulfilling all the wish of its users.

iPhone 8 Release Date, Features:


In this article, you will be able to know about the release date and features of iPhone 8 phone that are soon going to be released in the coming year. I will not be talking about the soon releasing iPhone 7 because you will be getting that phone in your nearby smartphone market in the September itself. So let’s know more about the iPhone 8 then iPhone 7. Here below you will be getting to know more about the features and release dateof this iPhone 8 phone in brief.

Features of iPhone 8:


1. As iPhone is having low battery power in them, users are expecting very much in this iPhone 8 interms of battery. It is been expected that iPhone8 will be coming with hguge battery power that is from 2700 mAh to 3000 mAh.

2. There are many expectations even in the camera because in the market it is record that Apple is one of the most best camera phone in the market. In iPhone 8 it is said that Apple will come up with rear 14 megapixel and front will be of 4 megapixel.

3. In the camera features also there will be many more changes like 3D-4K video recording and many more.

4. The extra features are like Gorilla gass, fingerprint scanner plus eye scanner and as usual retina display.

5. This new iPhone 8 will be having different memory varirant like 16, 32,64, 126 and 256 GB

6. The new iPhone 8 will be having 4K display.

So this is all the features that maximum iPhone users are expecting in this new iPhone that is iPhone 8. And truly speaking this new iPhone features are really unique. This is all about the features, now lets talk about the release date of this new iPhone 8 which is expected to release in the year 2017.

Release Date of iPhone 8:

iPhone 8 is very much expected to get released in the coming year, everyone is hoping in the next year in the month of september becauce if you take a look in the history of Apple iPhone release date then you will see.

1. The first section of iPhone that is from iPhone 1 to iPhone 4 it was released in the month of june after every year.

2. After releasing all the first sector phone in the month of june again Apple has changed the release date of iPhone 4s in the month of October.

3. And after that from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s every phone was released in the month of September.

4. But again in the flaship phone of Apple that is iPhone SE was released on the month of September and even iPhone 7 is going to release in the month of September 7. So it is very much sure that even iPhone 8 will also get released in the month of September of 2017.

So this is all about the release date and the features of iPhone 8. The features of iPhone 8 is making maximum of the iPhone lovers to wait till the 2017 to buy a better iPhone. But I must tell you that this all features are just rumors, so there is all half chance to change in the last minute. If you have any questions about this iPhone 8 then you can ask it in the comment section, and please share it in your social media timeline and show your craze for this iPhone 8.

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