iPhone 8 Price, Screen or Display and its Rumors – Latest Update!

iPhone 8 Price: The iPhone series usually stand for Interactive Phone as the Apple Company has come with this cool name which has catch the attention of the customers also the Apple Company with amazing services. The Apple Company is all set to release iPhone 7 by this year. Rumors are iPhone 8 will also be released by next year.

iPhone 8 Release Date, Screen or Display and Rumors – Update!


Here is some of the iPhone 8 screen or display, release date and rumors information which is mentioned bellow:

Screen or display of iPhone 8

The screen or display of iPhone 8 series is expected to be six inches as same as the iPhone 7 which is 6.5 inches in size. So it is possible that the screen of the iPhone 8 is likely to be 6.5 inches. Now a day Apple company is focusing in the OLED display apart from LCD display this will be a great decision for the company.

The display of iPhone 8 is expected as Gorilla Glass which is unbreakable to some extent. It is also expected to be better when compared with the iPhone 7. So here we go to discuss something about iPhone 8 in details.


Camera of iPhone 8 is expected to be 14 Mega Pixels front and 4 Mega Pixels for rear camera. According to the information iPhone 7 will be having a 12 Mega Pixels as rear Camera and 7 Mega pixels of front Camera. Some interesting features will also be added to make it more fun to use the camera.


Memory of iPhone 8 is like to be coming with different variants if we look back to our previous launches. The memory will come out with a 64 GB variant or 128 GB variant as the galm is 256 GB Variant.


RAM of iPhone 8 is expected to be 8GB as the device will be powered by RAM of 4 GB.


Battery of iPhone 8 is expected to have long battery life of Li-on Battery with 2500 mAh. As the iPhone 8 has powering the device for at least 18 hours for 3G usage and same goes for the usage of 4G.Let us hope that the apple company will increase the battery life which is required for the device.


  1. It has a 6 inch super OLED Display
  2. It has a primary camera of 14 Mega Pixel and a secondary camera of 4 Mega Pixel.
  3. It has a 16-256 GB of internal memory.
  4. It has a 4 GB RAM.
  5. It has a battery life of 2800 mAh with an 18 hour usage of 4GB.


Price of iPhone 8 is likely to be at a range of at least 1199$-1599$. For iPhone 7 the price is expected to be amount of 1099$-1499$. Nothing is confirmed yet about the price of the iPhone. So just wait until the company officially declares it.


As we know iPhone 7 and iPhone plus is about to arrive which is likely to come in September, 2016. In the mean time we also expect to see the launch of iPhone 8 in the month of September, 2017.The releasing date of iPhone 8 has a long way to go still so have patience.

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