iPhone 8 Feature, Specs, Display, Price & Release Date – What to Expect!

We all want to own an iPhone. We know that Apple is always a yardstick in making a smart mobile with all newly invented technology and unique feature. Forget about iPhone7 which is going to release in this year, and it is more sensational with the release of iPhone 8.We have heard that Apple’s new iPhone – iphone8 ‘s design has been finalized.That’s why we were looking forward to 2017 when this will come out from the factories and will create a massive market. So, here in this article, I am going to discuss its feature, Expected specification, prices, and release date.

iPhone 8 Feature, Specs, Display, Price & Release Date:


Feature of iPhone 8

Apple is going to launch eight version of iPhone in 2017, but from now there is a significant volume of rumors rising about this handset. With this, I have listed some of its great and unique feature that will break all level of your expectation and will create a history in mobile technology.

  1. Its design is made up of transparent glass.
  2. Don’t  require charging through cable; it allows you Wireless charging.
  3. Its display will be OLED or AMOLED display.
  4. It will come with a large screen of around 5.8 inches.
  5. It will use Intel 7360 LTE modem which is best for the internet.
  6. It will be with Apple updated operating system iOS 11 software.
  7. And a unique feature as it come without a home button.
  8. It may come with better security measures may be it come with latest biometric security technology.

Its feature will be in updating mood as many rumors are arriving .so there may need to add some more feature.

Its Specifications

Its specifications are listed below

  1. Its battery capacity or power will be around 2700 mAh to 33oo mAh
  2. It will come with great camera quality with autofocus, optical image, Live photo.
  3. It comes with 3D -4K resolution.
  4. Its primary camera will be of 14 megapixels.
  5. Its selfie camera will be of 4 megapixels.
  6. It will come with a large range of colors Silver, Grey, Gold, Rose gold.
  7. Screen will be of gorilla technology.
  8. Internal memory will be around 64 to 128 GigaByte.
  9. It will come with many useful sensors like Barometer, Thermometer, Heart Rate, shockproof, Compass.
  10. iPhone 8 will be faster as it comes with 8GB Ram.


The size of the display is expected from 5.8 to 6 inches. As Apple is now working on OLED display so iPhone 8 may come with OLED screen instead of LCD screen and it might be a game changer move of the company.

Again, it display will be made up of Gorilla glass or it might be an unbreakable glass and you will able to visualize everything as crystal clear.

Release Date and Price

As iPhone 7 is yet to arrive and it is expected to come in September 2016  so, we may predict that iPhone 8 might arrive in September 2017. As it is a long time, so we have to remain patient.

Coming to its price it will be around $1200 to $ 1600 as iPhone 7 will be of around $1099 to $1499.

So iPhone 8, the beast will come with all new power and unique features.All expected to be better than iphone7 series.Let iPhone 7 to get a release then it will be easier to write a definite article …What will be iPhone 8?

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