iPhone 7 Series DSLR Camera Quality and 6-core A10 Processor!

After a long time, Apple Company has come with the new iPhone 7 series which is likely to be released in the month of September. It is probably one of the most anticipating iPhones of the year. Apple company even started sending out the invitations for an event which is on September 7, 2016.

We are also expecting the release of the iPhone 7 Series along with the iPhone 7 Plus. The new iPhone 7 series is supposed to come with a DSLR Camera Quality and 6-core A10 Processor.

iPhone 7 camera is expected to be with a DSLR Camera Quality


According to the latest news, iPhone 7 series will come with lots of improvement such as the camera more improved than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus series. The new camera will be coming out with a dual lens camera which allows you to capture a photo with the quality same as of DSLR Camera Quality. It is said to be the biggest creation of camera with a quality like that of DSLR Camera Quality.

The Apple sensor company supplied the recent launched new sensor technology which is likely to be used in the Apple Iphone7 by the Apple Company as per assumption.   The brand new sensor has a 21-megapixel with a measurement of 1-2.4 inches long which make it a very compact version and that is expected to have experimented for Apple with the setup.

iPhone 7 is supposed to launch with a 6-core A10 Processor

Since the launch and release of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus series from the Apple Company, there is a rumor, the Apple iPhone has been on the plan for manufacturing the iPhone series 7.

According to the news that the iPhone 7 is expected to launch with a 6-core A10 processor, the latest processor in the iPhone 7 is supposed to be faster than the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus series.

iPhone 7 will feature a panic button

Apple Company is about to introduce a new feature in the upcoming iPhone 7 series which is known as the “panic button” if any particular button got pressed. This feature got first introduced in the iPhone 5 series which is initially served as a purpose to unlock your iPhone as a security purpose such as identity verification of your user.

It has also implemented in the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus. Your phone will be unlocked which disable some functions in your phone in many ways. Say for denying the access to the mail or photos or contacts.


The cellular network usually provide an emergency service in a case if you have to alert the service providers if you face any difficulties. If the panic is once activated, any of the nearby devices can be alerted with an alarm which prompts the owner to come for helping the activator.  The reason for any of this function as the growing chances of theft and resale the value of the handset. Apple Company at present provides their customer the facility for erasing the iOS devices, suppose if the device is stolen or lost with the help of a function named as “Find My iPhone,” which also can be accessed by the iCloud.

Sometimes it is quite difficult for the thieves to sell the lost iPhone devices or using our own devices if stolen. There are also other features such as the recording through a microphone or even switching on a camera whoever using the phone. The records can be sent to a law requirement in very specific situations. These are some of the features which will be helpful to the users.

Apple with the release of iPhone 7 series it will be featuring the new panic button, DSLR Quality camera, and a 6-core A10 processor. If you want to know more about the iPhone 7 series, keep on visiting the page and please comment below.

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