iPhone 7 Series DSLR Camera Quality and 6-core A10 Processor!

After a long time, Apple Company has come with the new iPhone 7 series which is likely to be released in the month of September. It is probably one of the most anticipating iPhones of the year. Apple company even started sending out the invitations for an event which is on September 7, 2016.

We are also expecting the release of the iPhone 7 Series along with the iPhone 7 Plus. The new iPhone 7 series is supposed to come with a DSLR Camera Quality and 6-core A10 Processor.

iPhone 7 camera is expected to be with a DSLR Camera Quality


According to the latest news, iPhone 7 series will come with lots of improvement such as the camera more improved than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus series. The new camera will be coming out with a dual lens camera which allows you to capture a photo with the quality same as of DSLR Camera Quality. It is said to be the biggest creation of camera with a quality like that of DSLR Camera Quality.

The Apple sensor company supplied the recent launched new sensor technology which is likely to be used in the Apple Iphone7 by the Apple Company as per assumption.   The brand new sensor has a 21-megapixel with a measurement of 1-2.4 inches long which make it a very compact version and that is expected to have experimented for Apple with the setup.

iPhone 7 is supposed to launch with a 6-core A10 Processor

Since the launch and release of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus series from the Apple Company, there is a rumor, the Apple iPhone has been on the plan for manufacturing the iPhone series 7.

According to the news that the iPhone 7 is expected to launch with a 6-core A10 processor, the latest processor in the iPhone 7 is supposed to be faster than the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus series.

iPhone 7 will feature a panic button

Apple Company is about to introduce a new feature in the upcoming iPhone 7 series which is known as the “panic button” if any particular button got pressed. This feature got first introduced in the iPhone 5 series which is initially served as a purpose to unlock your iPhone as a security purpose such as identity verification of your user.

It has also implemented in the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus. Your phone will be unlocked which disable some functions in your phone in many ways. Say for denying the access to the mail or photos or contacts.


The cellular network usually provide an emergency service in a case if you have to alert the service providers if you face any difficulties. If the panic is once activated, any of the nearby devices can be alerted with an alarm which prompts the owner to come for helping the activator.  The reason for any of this function as the growing chances of theft and resale the value of the handset. Apple Company at present provides their customer the facility for erasing the iOS devices, suppose if the device is stolen or lost with the help of a function named as “Find My iPhone,” which also can be accessed by the iCloud.

Sometimes it is quite difficult for the thieves to sell the lost iPhone devices or using our own devices if stolen. There are also other features such as the recording through a microphone or even switching on a camera whoever using the phone. The records can be sent to a law requirement in very specific situations. These are some of the features which will be helpful to the users.

Apple with the release of iPhone 7 series it will be featuring the new panic button, DSLR Quality camera, and a 6-core A10 processor. If you want to know more about the iPhone 7 series, keep on visiting the page and please comment below.

iPhone 8 Feature, Specs, Display, Price & Release Date – What to Expect!

We all want to own an iPhone. We know that Apple is always a yardstick in making a smart mobile with all newly invented technology and unique feature. Forget about iPhone7 which is going to release in this year, and it is more sensational with the release of iPhone 8.We have heard that Apple’s new iPhone – iphone8 ‘s design has been finalized.That’s why we were looking forward to 2017 when this will come out from the factories and will create a massive market. So, here in this article, I am going to discuss its feature, Expected specification, prices, and release date.

iPhone 8 Feature, Specs, Display, Price & Release Date:


Feature of iPhone 8

Apple is going to launch eight version of iPhone in 2017, but from now there is a significant volume of rumors rising about this handset. With this, I have listed some of its great and unique feature that will break all level of your expectation and will create a history in mobile technology.

  1. Its design is made up of transparent glass.
  2. Don’t  require charging through cable; it allows you Wireless charging.
  3. Its display will be OLED or AMOLED display.
  4. It will come with a large screen of around 5.8 inches.
  5. It will use Intel 7360 LTE modem which is best for the internet.
  6. It will be with Apple updated operating system iOS 11 software.
  7. And a unique feature as it come without a home button.
  8. It may come with better security measures may be it come with latest biometric security technology.

Its feature will be in updating mood as many rumors are arriving .so there may need to add some more feature.

Its Specifications

Its specifications are listed below

  1. Its battery capacity or power will be around 2700 mAh to 33oo mAh
  2. It will come with great camera quality with autofocus, optical image, Live photo.
  3. It comes with 3D -4K resolution.
  4. Its primary camera will be of 14 megapixels.
  5. Its selfie camera will be of 4 megapixels.
  6. It will come with a large range of colors Silver, Grey, Gold, Rose gold.
  7. Screen will be of gorilla technology.
  8. Internal memory will be around 64 to 128 GigaByte.
  9. It will come with many useful sensors like Barometer, Thermometer, Heart Rate, shockproof, Compass.
  10. iPhone 8 will be faster as it comes with 8GB Ram.


The size of the display is expected from 5.8 to 6 inches. As Apple is now working on OLED display so iPhone 8 may come with OLED screen instead of LCD screen and it might be a game changer move of the company.

Again, it display will be made up of Gorilla glass or it might be an unbreakable glass and you will able to visualize everything as crystal clear.

Release Date and Price

As iPhone 7 is yet to arrive and it is expected to come in September 2016  so, we may predict that iPhone 8 might arrive in September 2017. As it is a long time, so we have to remain patient.

Coming to its price it will be around $1200 to $ 1600 as iPhone 7 will be of around $1099 to $1499.

So iPhone 8, the beast will come with all new power and unique features.All expected to be better than iphone7 series.Let iPhone 7 to get a release then it will be easier to write a definite article …What will be iPhone 8?

iPhone 8s Plus Expects Features, Price – Everything you need to know!

First let us know about the iPhone series, the iPhone essentially stands for “Interactive Phone.” Generally, the iPhone series is developed and designed by Apple Inc. just after the released of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7, the consumer or the customers come to know about a big surprise that the developer made a record of sales that has ever made before. Now the world is looking and waiting for the next gen iPhone and that is iPhone 8s plus and in the mean time, there is news announced that iPhone 8s plus recently will be launched within the years of 2017 with more fantastic and great features and the best outlooks style as compared to iPhone 6, 7 series.

iPhone 8s Plus Expects Features, Price:


IPhone has become the most favorite Smartphone in the world and all the users around the globe love iPhone series the designed with great stability, stylish looks and its powerful managements which make the People of the world attractive. iPhone series was first released on 2007 with great manufacturing device, and next iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Plus has created the history on the open market and the whole Smartphone market. Now the people of the globe are keenly waiting for the iPhone 8s plus. So, today I will share you about the iPhone 8s plus expects Features with Specifications and features.

 iPhone 8s plus expects features:

As I have mentioned earlier that iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the world, for its great feature the design and the stylish looks. The iPhone 8s plus expected feature are unique comparing to another smartphone in the world. So expects feature of IPhone 8s plus are given below:

1. Display:

The display size of the iPhone 8s Plus is expected to be a flexible OLED display. Looking back to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we saw the different on display.  Therefore iPhone 8s plus is expected to come6.5 inches display. An OLED display also has great advantages for the users. Let’s take a quick look on this advantage.

  • The OLED display provides the flexibility curved designed which makes the phones most popular phone in the world.
  • OLED display gave superior viewing angles and improved a good performance on battery life.
  • Backlighting is not required
  • OLED display converts the thickness of the device down.

2. Memory:

iPhone 8s plus will have the internal storage into 3 variants the basic iPhone will be 64 GB, which will upgrade to 128 GB and main expected storage will be a 256GB variant.

3. Camera

The iPhone 8s plus cameras are expected with 15 MP rear cameras with optical stabilization and the front cameras with 6 Mp. It will also expected  to include with Autofocus, High Resolution, and the iPhone 8s plus is supposed to have the dual lens with Optical Image zoom juts like the iPhone 7 plus.


4. RAM

The iPhone 8s plus normally expected to be 8GB RAM, because it needs to be more powerful than another smartphone. As we know even the iPhone 6 and 7 are having the RAM of 3 GB, therefore iPhone 8s plus is expected to provide 8GB RAM.

5. Battery

As we have seen some of the expectation of the iPhone 8s plus features, it is sure that the battery will have 2800mah. It should always be better than other Android-powered smartphones.

6. Waterproof

There are extremes expects features of waterproof on iPhone 8s plus where the display of the screen will be water resistance. The expected water proof depth of iPhone 8s plus is 1.5 meters duration of 30 minutes.

7. Wireless of charging

The world very reaches in technology that Apple is fully working with the technology system. Now, the iPhone 8s plus will introduce the wireless charging which is the best feature in the history of the smartphone.


8. Colors

The colors of iPhone 8s plus are expected to be released with different attractive colors like Silver, Golden, Grey and Rose Gold.

9. Operating System

iPhone 8s plus is expected to be with iOS 11, A10 processor which will also be upgradeable to iOS 11.3.2.

10. Sensors

The sensors system of iPhone 8s plus is expected to have unique features which will include barometer, SPO2, dustproof, thermometer, compass, heart rate, shockproof, etc.


 iPhone 8s plus price:

As we have mentioned already the price of iPhone 6 Plus, the price classified according to the feature of the device, therefore, hopefully, it is expected that the price of iPhone 8s plus will be little higher. The expected price of iPhone 8s plus is around 1199$ to 1599$.

So, all the above I have mentioned about the iPhone 8s plus and also its prices. But as we have discussed that it is the just expectation, I hope you can adjust the procedure of the article mentioned hence if you have any doubt or queries please do leave a comments or you can share with us.

iPhone 8 Release Date, Features – Everything you need to know!

iPhone 8 Release Date: It is a very good news for every iPhone users because Apple is soon launching iPhone 7 in the market in the month of September 7, 2016. You will be able to buy iPhone 7 from the market in this year itself and by Christmas, you will be able to gift the iPhone 7 to you close family mate. But the another news is that Apple is soon going to release its new flagship phone that is iPhone 8 in the next year that is 2017. There are many rumors already about this phone on the web, and there are many expectations about this phone by every Apple lovers and according to me, Apple is not going to make its users unhappy with not fulfilling all the wish of its users.

iPhone 8 Release Date, Features:


In this article, you will be able to know about the release date and features of iPhone 8 phone that are soon going to be released in the coming year. I will not be talking about the soon releasing iPhone 7 because you will be getting that phone in your nearby smartphone market in the September itself. So let’s know more about the iPhone 8 then iPhone 7. Here below you will be getting to know more about the features and release dateof this iPhone 8 phone in brief.

Features of iPhone 8:


1. As iPhone is having low battery power in them, users are expecting very much in this iPhone 8 interms of battery. It is been expected that iPhone8 will be coming with hguge battery power that is from 2700 mAh to 3000 mAh.

2. There are many expectations even in the camera because in the market it is record that Apple is one of the most best camera phone in the market. In iPhone 8 it is said that Apple will come up with rear 14 megapixel and front will be of 4 megapixel.

3. In the camera features also there will be many more changes like 3D-4K video recording and many more.

4. The extra features are like Gorilla gass, fingerprint scanner plus eye scanner and as usual retina display.

5. This new iPhone 8 will be having different memory varirant like 16, 32,64, 126 and 256 GB

6. The new iPhone 8 will be having 4K display.

So this is all the features that maximum iPhone users are expecting in this new iPhone that is iPhone 8. And truly speaking this new iPhone features are really unique. This is all about the features, now lets talk about the release date of this new iPhone 8 which is expected to release in the year 2017.

Release Date of iPhone 8:

iPhone 8 is very much expected to get released in the coming year, everyone is hoping in the next year in the month of september becauce if you take a look in the history of Apple iPhone release date then you will see.

1. The first section of iPhone that is from iPhone 1 to iPhone 4 it was released in the month of june after every year.

2. After releasing all the first sector phone in the month of june again Apple has changed the release date of iPhone 4s in the month of October.

3. And after that from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s every phone was released in the month of September.

4. But again in the flaship phone of Apple that is iPhone SE was released on the month of September and even iPhone 7 is going to release in the month of September 7. So it is very much sure that even iPhone 8 will also get released in the month of September of 2017.

So this is all about the release date and the features of iPhone 8. The features of iPhone 8 is making maximum of the iPhone lovers to wait till the 2017 to buy a better iPhone. But I must tell you that this all features are just rumors, so there is all half chance to change in the last minute. If you have any questions about this iPhone 8 then you can ask it in the comment section, and please share it in your social media timeline and show your craze for this iPhone 8.

iPhone 7S Plus Expected Release Date, Features & Price – Latest Update!

iPhone 7S Plus Release Date: Apple has finally launch its next generation iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus after a much awaited days through the live event streaming held in San Fransisco. It has turned out to be true what the rumors has to say about the features and specifcations of the next generation iPhone 7. The new iPhone 7  expected features indeed has come with a support of water resistant and with larger models along with an impressive dual-lens camera that is capable of all sorts of photographic wizardry. Here’s something you must know about the new iPhone 7 expected features. Check out.

iPhone 7S Plus Expected Release Date, Features & Price:


iPhone 7 Expected Features:

What is all new about the next generation iPhone? Well, the all new next generation iPhone 7 comes with an upgraded camera with a new home button and a removable headphone Jack will be the new features. So, check out the next generation iPhone 7 expected features. It is expected both the models of  iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is likely to come with that of a similar to that of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. So, let’s take a look.


  • The expected feature for the next iPhone 7 offers with three different variants like 32GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB versions.
  • The new efficient iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will come with A10 processor chip which will run three times faster than iPhone 6 and the battery will last upto two hours long than that of iPhone 6. The iPhone 7 Plus battery will last upto one hour than that of iPhone 6 Plus.
  • The next iPhone 7 expected features comes with 4.7 inch  along with 3D touch display, in the same way the iPhone 7 Plus comes with a larger display of 5.5 inches.
  • Apple is likely to make the use of iPhone 6S 3D technology with a most probable to take the hardware from the latest Macbook to ditch a moving button in maintaining a piece of liable touch .
  • Apple is also will eradicate with the two innermost antenna lines used in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The new iPhone 7 will also come with a pair of lightening Earpods which will connect through the headphones, charging port that is powered by WI chip.
  • Apple’s next generation iPhone 7 comes with an upgraded camera of 12 Megapiexel dual camera along with upgraded 7 MP front camera. On the other hand, iPhone 7 Plus will likely to come with 16 MP rear camera, overall will come with an upgraded DSLR quality photographs. It will also come with a capability of 4K video recording.
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will come with water resistant with IPX67 ratings which means a hardware can hold up the immersion concertration upto one metre of water for about 30 minutes.

So, these are the next generation Apple’s iPhone 7 expected features and specification that you need to know all about. According to the reports, the pre-order of the new iPhones will go on shortly from September 9 and these new iPhones will be made available from September 16.


The price of the iPhone 7 in UK will be made available from starting price of $599 for 32 GB, $699 for 128 GB and $799 for 256 GB. The price for the new iPhone 7 Plus will cost $719 for 32GB, $819 for 128 GB, and $919 for 256 GB respectively. So, stay updated for more information and grab this opportunity to get the new iPhones although it seems to be kind soaring prices yet it is adorable.

Apple iPhone 8 Expected Launch Date & Highlights – Almost All about it!

iPhone 8 Launch Date: The launch date of the most awaited iPhone 7 is just around the corner, i.e. September 2017. It is reported that the A11 chip design of iPhone 8 has been finalised, and makers are busy retooling their workforce to develop OLED screens for upcoming iPhones. So, we are looking ahead to iPhone 8 specs.

According to a well-known industry analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities, iPhone 8 will come with the whole new all-glass design. In addition, it could come with wireless charging.

iPhone 8 Expected Launch Date & Highlights – Apple!


The smartphone industry is too predictable. Instead of believing trade analysts, let’s get an insight of what iPhone 8 has to offer in future. According to rumours, we are quite assured on what Apple fans would get in 2017.

Major Highlights

Expected Launch Date – Probably around September 2017.

New Additions – iPhone 8 is rumoured to have A11 Processor, whole new glass body, Intel modem.

Price of iPhone 8 – Around £539

iPhone 8 – When will it Come Out in US and UK?

Though we are not confident about the accurate launch date of iPhone 8 yet, it is very easy to predict the date with decent accuracy. History is the witness. Apple has launched most of its flagship Smartphones in September, usually with the gap of one or half week.

iPhone 7S or iPhone 8

Apple has made a record in launching a major overhaul one year and then S variant with small changes next year. Last year, we got iPhone 6S. Now we are getting iPhone 7.

If this tradition continues, will we get iPhone 7s? 

According to the speculations of analyst Mark Moskowitz from Barclays, Apple might not continue “S” cycle next year. In 2017, Apple is expected to skip “S” cycle and jump to iPhone 8. They have added a large number of improvements, such as wireless charging and OLED display.

iPhone 8 Specs

Despite the fact that we have to wait for one year to get iPhone 8, we have come across a lot of rumours on the handset.

Here are some of its features we are expecting to see –

  • 8” display
  • A11 processor
  • All-glass design
  • AMOLED/OLED display
  • Wireless charging
  • iOS 11
  • Intel 7360 LTE modem
  • iPhone without home button

iOS 11 or iPhone 8 Software


The Smartphone software is cyclical in Apple. So, we are assured that iPhone 8 will be powered by iOS 11. Sounds crazy? It is because iOS 10 is still not released yet. But iPhone 7 has indicated to come with iOS 10, latest iOS version. But it is going to be the old news when iPhone 8 will be launched. Though iOS 11 will debut in September, it is rumoured to see the beta variant of the software.

iPhone 8 Price

At this point, guessing the actual price of iPhone 8 will not be possible, until the launch event on September 2017. However, we can still take a good guess based on its previous versions.

Here are the prices of last flagship Apple devices during the launch:

  • iPhone 6 – £539
  • iPhone 6S- £539
  • iPhone 5 – £529
  • iPhone 5S – £529

According to such figures, it is evident that the price of iPhone 8 is expected to be £539. But by 2017, it wouldn’t be wrong to see the hike of £549.

iPhone 8s Specifications (Full Specs) – Everthing You Must Know About!

iPhone 8s Specifications: In the year 2007, Apple inc. launched a smartphone called “iPhone” which was their first generation mobile phone with 2g network availability. Approx 10 years have passed and we have seen much innovations in mobile technology. Now 2g is history and been replaced by latest 4g LTE and technology is going further up to the next level.

iPhone 8 is scheduled to launch in early 2018. As per rumors, apple may launch three iPhone variants which could include an iPhone pro variant as well. iPhone 8 will be unique in any way but moreover, as it is coming after completion of 10yrs it would be special in any way.

iPhone 8s Specifications – Full Specs


This time, apple is going to present an innovative smartphone model with having slick design and powerful specs. Apple is preparing new operating system OS X for iPhone 8 which will be beneficial in reducing its power consumption and hence increasing its battery life. Apple iphone8 is going to have some really innovative technology like fast charging , retina scanner, li-fi and fingerprint scanner. Rumors are also there that the device will have a dual edge display like that of galaxy s7 edge. Now, we will head towards the specs and features of the most awaited iPhone series device in detail.


There will be a switch from the conventional IPS display technology ,next iPhone is going to have OLED display which enhances the brightness and gives the user a wider viewing angle. Due to the high response time of this OLED display the next iPhone will be power consumption optimized. As the need of next level Smartphones is high-end resolution iPhone will also not ignore this fact and is going to have a 4k resolution. The phone is going to have sapphire glass protection which is far better than current gorilla glass 4. You will not have to worry about the scratches about iPhone as the sapphire is the toughest glass and is completely unbreakable. iPhone 8 will have a large display which is the talk of the town nowadays, apple iPhone 8 is rumored to have 5.3 inches large OLED display and iPhone 8s variants will be having an approx 5.6-inch display.


We all know Apple doesn’t believe in increasing megapixels. As we have seen iPhone 6 with just 12 MP cameras and  is far better in quality as compared to 20 MP cameras of its competitors. This time, the company is going to take its camera features further to next level. Apple iPhone 8 would have a 16MP primary camera with upgraded ISOCELL sensors for better images even in low lights. As per the rumors, it will have a 8 MP front facing camera which is specially made for taking selfies. There are also few rumors which are stating as Sony IMXXX sensors to be the part of iPhone 8.


As per the latest leaks and rumors apple, iPhone 8 will have TSMC and  ARM-based 7nm chip. We all know Apple brings a new processor every year with its flagship smartphone. Apple iPhone 7 will run on A10 which is Quad Core processor. iPhone 8 is going to the much advanced processor with 7 nanometer FinFET. It will have 4GB RAM which is far enough to handle high-end multitasking with OS X.


Well , if these specs and features don’t satisfy you, then probably you have to see below to know why iPhone stands out of the race. The apple iphone8 must have features are as below:

  • 5G Technology
  • Fast charging
  • Retina eye scanner
  • Fingerprint  scanner
  • Holographic display
  • 64,128 & 256 GB storage categories

These are few rumored features of iPhone 8 and we know that apple is capable of accomplishing these type of features.

To buy this high-end specifications device you will pay a hefty amount of approx 1100-1200 USD which will fall in the 70k-85k category in India.

iPhone 8 is rumored to be launched in early 2018 or maybe late 2017.

There is a lot of new features and specification provided in the iphone8 which will surely attract more buyer towards itself but before buying it do check your budget coz this device come with a heavy price tag.

Until then keep your fingers crossed and wait for the new sensation in the field of Smartphone.

iPhone 8 Price, Screen or Display and its Rumors – Latest Update!

iPhone 8 Price: The iPhone series usually stand for Interactive Phone as the Apple Company has come with this cool name which has catch the attention of the customers also the Apple Company with amazing services. The Apple Company is all set to release iPhone 7 by this year. Rumors are iPhone 8 will also be released by next year.

iPhone 8 Release Date, Screen or Display and Rumors – Update!


Here is some of the iPhone 8 screen or display, release date and rumors information which is mentioned bellow:

Screen or display of iPhone 8

The screen or display of iPhone 8 series is expected to be six inches as same as the iPhone 7 which is 6.5 inches in size. So it is possible that the screen of the iPhone 8 is likely to be 6.5 inches. Now a day Apple company is focusing in the OLED display apart from LCD display this will be a great decision for the company.

The display of iPhone 8 is expected as Gorilla Glass which is unbreakable to some extent. It is also expected to be better when compared with the iPhone 7. So here we go to discuss something about iPhone 8 in details.


Camera of iPhone 8 is expected to be 14 Mega Pixels front and 4 Mega Pixels for rear camera. According to the information iPhone 7 will be having a 12 Mega Pixels as rear Camera and 7 Mega pixels of front Camera. Some interesting features will also be added to make it more fun to use the camera.


Memory of iPhone 8 is like to be coming with different variants if we look back to our previous launches. The memory will come out with a 64 GB variant or 128 GB variant as the galm is 256 GB Variant.


RAM of iPhone 8 is expected to be 8GB as the device will be powered by RAM of 4 GB.


Battery of iPhone 8 is expected to have long battery life of Li-on Battery with 2500 mAh. As the iPhone 8 has powering the device for at least 18 hours for 3G usage and same goes for the usage of 4G.Let us hope that the apple company will increase the battery life which is required for the device.


  1. It has a 6 inch super OLED Display
  2. It has a primary camera of 14 Mega Pixel and a secondary camera of 4 Mega Pixel.
  3. It has a 16-256 GB of internal memory.
  4. It has a 4 GB RAM.
  5. It has a battery life of 2800 mAh with an 18 hour usage of 4GB.


Price of iPhone 8 is likely to be at a range of at least 1199$-1599$. For iPhone 7 the price is expected to be amount of 1099$-1499$. Nothing is confirmed yet about the price of the iPhone. So just wait until the company officially declares it.


As we know iPhone 7 and iPhone plus is about to arrive which is likely to come in September, 2016. In the mean time we also expect to see the launch of iPhone 8 in the month of September, 2017.The releasing date of iPhone 8 has a long way to go still so have patience.

iPhone 8 Rumors, Camera, Design & Display – Apple iPhone 8S

Since the release of the Apple iPhone 6 and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. The rumor of the iPhone 7 is getting popular everywhere. As the apple lovers are everywhere in the world, they want something new likes the iPhone 7.

Young people want more advance futures and specs as they have already eagerly looked for something new like the iPhone 8. There is no official information from the Apple Company yet about the plans of iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Rumors, Camera & Design


The releasing date of iPhone 7 has started coming very near as the fans are very excited now. Now people are also looking forward to knowing the releasing date of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Both the devices are likely to release in the year 2017. Here I have stores some rumor information for the upcoming iPhone 8 phones.

iPhone 8 Design


The Apple company is going to bring up something new with the display this time as the design of the Apple iPhone 8 has so many significant changes with each release every year. According to the rumors, iPhone 8 will have a curved screen, if the Apple Company can come with the design, it will get a great success in having competitions with other companies.

The possibilities of a curved display may be just a dream for now, but it is just a matter of time. It is likely to be one of the first Smartphone to have a curved display. Besides that Apple Company may remove the home button entirely, instead replace it with a Touch ID as the Company is planning to revamp the design of the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Display


Apple Company is increasing its screen size day by day with the release of each new iPhone series. The display of the iPhone 8 is expected to be bigger in size than the iPhone 7. Presently the iPhone 7 is projected to come as 4.7 inches of screen. In the other hand, the upcoming iPhone 8 series is likely to be 5.7 inches.

The iPhone 8 series will bring an OLED display, and the iPhone 7 will be the last handset with a conventional IPS display. The OLED display will offer you an improved brightness; you can also use the handset without the backlight as it provided in the OLED display. So the display will consume much less power and save you with a long lasting battery.

iPhone 8 Camera:


All of the iPhone series is so far famous for its camera performance which beat any of the competition that comes on the way. Apple has always been focusing on the camera quality more than improving on the megapixels. The primary shooter will be featuring the upgrading ISOCELL sensors to click clear images even in the places like isolated areas. It also has a noise removing facility while capturing a video.

We are expecting from 12-16 Megapixel camera in the iPhone8 series which will also feature Auto focus, 4K display, live photo and lots more.  In the parts of the camera, we also may be seeing a 3D featured the camera, 360-degree video function and the traditional VR headsets. The iPhone 8 series also might introduce a dual sensor technology first time for capturing clear quality pictures of a moving object.

Features of the iPhone 8

  • It will have a pressure-sensitive screen.
  • It will have wireless charging.
  • It will have a dual display
  • It will have a solar charging

All of this information stored are just an assumption or rumors. It is an expectation made by looking at the previous iPhone series such as iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus. In this year the Apple Company is about to release its latest phone iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

People are excited for the upcoming release date of the iPhone 8 series which is likely to be in the year 2017. It is however not confirmed yet, stay up to date by visiting this page. Share your view and please comment.