Apple iPhone 8 Expected Launch Date & Highlights – Almost All about it!

iPhone 8 Launch Date: The launch date of the most awaited iPhone 7 is just around the corner, i.e. September 2017. It is reported that the A11 chip design of iPhone 8 has been finalised, and makers are busy retooling their workforce to develop OLED screens for upcoming iPhones. So, we are looking ahead to iPhone 8 specs.

According to a well-known industry analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities, iPhone 8 will come with the whole new all-glass design. In addition, it could come with wireless charging.

iPhone 8 Expected Launch Date & Highlights – Apple!


The smartphone industry is too predictable. Instead of believing trade analysts, let’s get an insight of what iPhone 8 has to offer in future. According to rumours, we are quite assured on what Apple fans would get in 2017.

Major Highlights

Expected Launch Date – Probably around September 2017.

New Additions – iPhone 8 is rumoured to have A11 Processor, whole new glass body, Intel modem.

Price of iPhone 8 – Around £539

iPhone 8 – When will it Come Out in US and UK?

Though we are not confident about the accurate launch date of iPhone 8 yet, it is very easy to predict the date with decent accuracy. History is the witness. Apple has launched most of its flagship Smartphones in September, usually with the gap of one or half week.

iPhone 7S or iPhone 8

Apple has made a record in launching a major overhaul one year and then S variant with small changes next year. Last year, we got iPhone 6S. Now we are getting iPhone 7.

If this tradition continues, will we get iPhone 7s? 

According to the speculations of analyst Mark Moskowitz from Barclays, Apple might not continue “S” cycle next year. In 2017, Apple is expected to skip “S” cycle and jump to iPhone 8. They have added a large number of improvements, such as wireless charging and OLED display.

iPhone 8 Specs

Despite the fact that we have to wait for one year to get iPhone 8, we have come across a lot of rumours on the handset.

Here are some of its features we are expecting to see –

  • 8” display
  • A11 processor
  • All-glass design
  • AMOLED/OLED display
  • Wireless charging
  • iOS 11
  • Intel 7360 LTE modem
  • iPhone without home button

iOS 11 or iPhone 8 Software


The Smartphone software is cyclical in Apple. So, we are assured that iPhone 8 will be powered by iOS 11. Sounds crazy? It is because iOS 10 is still not released yet. But iPhone 7 has indicated to come with iOS 10, latest iOS version. But it is going to be the old news when iPhone 8 will be launched. Though iOS 11 will debut in September, it is rumoured to see the beta variant of the software.

iPhone 8 Price

At this point, guessing the actual price of iPhone 8 will not be possible, until the launch event on September 2017. However, we can still take a good guess based on its previous versions.

Here are the prices of last flagship Apple devices during the launch:

  • iPhone 6 – £539
  • iPhone 6S- £539
  • iPhone 5 – £529
  • iPhone 5S – £529

According to such figures, it is evident that the price of iPhone 8 is expected to be £539. But by 2017, it wouldn’t be wrong to see the hike of £549.

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